Do your homework when choosing your builder.

imgresIt still surprises me when I here about peoples poor experiences with a builder. This generally occurs when a property owner does not do enough research into the builder or building company. It is important that you follow a few easy steps.

1. Check that the builder holds a registration

2. Get referrals from friends, work mates and family who have already used a builder they are happy with.

3. Ask the builder for references. This is not just testimonials but names and phone numbers of past clients.

4. Call past clients and ask them about there experience with the builder.

5. Drive past and see some of his/her finished work .


Some of the do not’s

1 Choose a builder on price. ( If they are substantially cheeper than others ask yourself why?)

2. Choose a builder because of time frames. Good builder are generally alway busy.

3. Choose a builder if you feel uncomfortable with them from the first interview. Building is a long process and you need to be able to talk to and trust your builder.

These maybe little steps but this is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make and it is important that if your not prepared to do some of the easy steps ,  you will end up with a poor build and this will end in financial disaster .



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