• Hamptons Style Pool House at dusk
  • Relaxing by the pool house, with cold drinks & magazines
  • Decorated interior of the pool house in Hamptons Style, casual loose covered living, easy!
  • Our eclectic interior styling service makes this Pool House a welcoming abode.
  • Entertainers BBQ kitchen everything you need within easy reach.
  • Lots of attention to detail when using Acorn Garden Houses note the copper range hood and unique handmade fish scale tiles.

Garden Room Sassafrass

Located high above the clouds in the Dandenong Ranges with varying weather conditions ranging from bright warm summer days to snow-covered winter days. We were contracted to design and build a garden room with true versatility so our clients had a room they could use all year round and enjoy their ever-changing scenery.

For the roof we opted for a folded seam with central clear story and motorised windows all round.

This gave us both light and air flow but also the ability to insulate the roof so we could effectively climate control the room.

A central solid fuel heater was integrated into the bookcase as a striking focal point with purpose.

Both the north & south side of the room has fully retractable doors to allow the room to flow into the garden offering an enormous living space in the warmer months.