Stone on budget

CA498_TheConservatory_122IMG_0731Lots of our clients love the look of natural stone but are put off by the price. Stone work is extremely labour intensive. It is heavy hard work, an art form and we believe our stonemasons are among some of the best and this is what makes it expensive.
But there is a compromise. The use of Veneered stone had become very popular of the past few years and the range of stone available today is enormous. This will range from traditional Stacked Stone , Ledge stone ,Granite peices and other natural stone pieces. The stone work can be install over existing brickwork and cement sheet products, this makes the installation process relatively easy and therefore far less expensive that traditional stone. We have been using veneered stone on our conservatories , pool houses, pergolas, renovations and extensions and Garden Houses with beautiful results. For more info call our office on 1300 655 659

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