Steve Magliano / Director

Coming from an Italian construction family has gifted Steve with a strong work ethic and an appreciation of craftsmanship and quality. After studying at RMIT he started the family business in 1993 as Acorn Country Homes and has been servicing Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula area for over 20yrs.

Steve has a passion for unique and beautifully made products and applies this throughout all aspects of the Design and Construction processes. His strong belief in doing something once and doing it right has helped the business to remain successful and highly respected within the industry.

Steve says...

“I believe that if there is something that you really love and have a passion for it will reflect in the quality and success of the project you deliver. I have found that almost anything is achievable with the right attitude, staff, and dedication”.

Our office credo is:

Inveniet uiam - Si non unum faciunt (Find a way – If not, make one)